The aboriginal Rocket League Xbox One particular appellation amend

The Rocket League Accompany Amend is slated to acreage on February 19 at 10:00am PST / 6:00pm UTC above all platforms, which is aswell if Psyonix will be administration its abounding changelog Rocket League Items.

Psyonix pushed out an amend to Rocket League around the Xbox A single Friday atramentous that must advice out those that can’t assume to put down the rocket car meets soccer game.

The aboriginal Rocket League Xbox One appellation amend formed out at midnight ET Friday as a 621 MB download and fixes a scattering of issues impacting the blemish indie hit. The lots of arresting of these is a bug that would could could bring about the bold to bang if played for many hours uninterrupted. Players can now als see that they’ve appropriately abutting in with a web based party.

The total application addendum for the Rocket League appellation amend is beneath.

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